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About Snowing Springs Outfitters, Montana

Snowy Springs operates under permits issued by the National Forest Service

Our Crew

All guides are licensed with the Montana Board of Outfitters and First Aid certified.

We operate in the Bob Marshall and Great Bear Wilderness Areas located in Northwestern Montana, just south of Glacier National Park. This Area encompasses thousands of acres centered along the Middle Fork of the Flathead River in the heart of the Rocky Mountains along the Continental Divide.


Born and raised in Montana. Tiki started out with Shawn the first year he had the outfitting business as the cook. Over the years he has become a top notch guide, horseman and packer. Tiki can do it all, and is excellent at it all. Occasionally his comes in to help out.


Born and raised in Montana, he has been hunting his entire life. Has been guiding for Snowy Springs for 6 years. A top notch horseman, experienced packer and a rodeo cowboy to boot. Jeff has a fencing company and we are lucky he loves hunting enough to shut down a few months and enjoy the mountains and guiding.


Born and raised in Montana. Started with Snowy Springs while still in high school as a packer. He can pack anything you can get here. He grew up around livestock and feels right at home with them. He is a grown man now and has become an excellent guide. The last two years he has out-hunted some of the seasoned veterans. His dad has been our Ferrier forever and is a great man.


We met Joe last year. Logan brought him up to meet us and he wanted a taste of the wilderness. He was born and raised in Montana and has hunted and worked hard since he was 12 years old. We discovered this was definitely true, you've never seen a more dedicated hard working young man. He picked up on the livestock quite well and is natural at guiding. We look forward to him being part of our crew for many years.


Scott is Shawn's younger brother. He guided summer and hunting trips quite extensively the first years of the business. He was brought up with horses and backcountry trips, being totally capable of doing anything involving the wilderness. He has a log home building business now, Grizzly Log Homes, but still finds time to guide a hunt or two.


Angie has spent the last ten years on and off in Montana. Every time she leaves, the mountains and her love of horses and hunting call her back. she has cooked for us several times over the years and her meals are raved about. she also know her way around stock and wilderness conditions, being able to help out with anything and put a great meal on the table at the some time.


Born and raised in Montana, J grew up hunting Montana's Wilderness and rodeoing. When it comes to livestock, J has seen it all, he grew up training horses. J and Shawn have roped together for years and Shawn finally talked him into coming in for a hunt or two and guiding the last few years. Every hunter he has guided has not had enough good things to say about him. He has a fencing business and we are lucky he can take time off to help out.


Fred and Kathy

What a team!!! We are lucky enough to have this couple on our work force for one hunt a season, we wish it could be more. Kathy is an excellent camp cook and Fred takes the job of camp jack and anything else that is needed. They have been spending time in the Wilderness for over 20 years and know it all, livestock, camp set-up, cooking and taking great care of folks.


Jaime is also a River Guide during the summers and awesome camp cook in the fall.  She and Adam team up in a camp and create wonders.  Jaime can turn anything into a great meal and holds her own in the camp jack department,  cutting wood,  hauling water,  you name it.    


A one of a kind guy,  he guides River Rafting trips throughout the country in the summers and come fall he dons his hunting duds and turns into Hunting Guide Extraordinaire.  Adam is totally capable in all areas and is a great asset to our outfit.  One of the best things about Adam is he brings Jaime with him.

Shawn and Jana Decker

Another husband and wife team that bring it all.  Shawn is a former professional Bull Rider has always ridden horses and enjoys training them.  He was born and raised in Montana and is another who has been hunting and trekking the back country his entire life.  He is capable of it all,  from getting the game to handling stock and even cooking up a meal if needed.

Once again one the best things is he brings his lovely wife, Jana, with him.  She is a great camp cook and makes sure the cook tent provides all the comforts of home.


 What a kid,  well,  young man I should say.  Greg was raised old school style and knows how to survive in any conditions and is not scared of hard work one bit.  They don't grow them like this young man anymore.  He has lived in Montana since he was twelve and has hunted and fished his entire life.  He is quite capable in all fields and always has a smile on his face.  We are privileged to have him as a part of our crew.



Another one of a kind,  is actually a professional top quality builder capable of anything from cooking, farming to flying his airplane.   Was a Mountain Man in a former life and still has the look.  Robert was born and raised in Montana,  has been hunting probably since he could walk and can think like an Elk.  Lucky for us he tries to fit a guiding trek in for us occasionally when he isn't hunting for himself.  I think he's just taken so many wall hangers he enjoys seeing a hunter do it these days.

Jim Kruger

On our early hunts we offer hunters a choice of riding in horseback or flying in via helicopter.  The chopper is an added cost but well worth it.  You have the experience of getting a bird's eye view of the country and commentary by Jim Kruger.  When it comes to Chopper Pilots,  Jim's the Man.... on top of that he is one of the most easy going and pleasant people you will ever meet.  His wife, Jean,  also a pilot,  is a real jewel .  Jim has an extended history in the Flathead Valley: 

  Experience & Safety - Never an injury accident in over 24 years of service

  • 24 years flying for the Park Service in Glacier Park
  • Scenic helicopter flights since 1980 - the longest in the area
  • 5 years in Canada's High Arctic & Northern Greenland
  • Over 100 mountain rescues
  • River Rescue experience - when there is trouble in the park, Glacier Park calls Kruger first
  • Kruger has been an active participant of Glacier National Park's "grizzly bear relocation" program
  • Recipient of the "Clyde Smith Award in 2001" An annual award presented by the Kalispell Alert Program, which provides emergency transport throughout Northwest Montana via medical helicopter. Many times if the "Alert Chopper" was down Jim Kruger was the one to help out.




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